Chicken Bone Broth

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After cooking the pasture raised bones to bring out their flavor, Cotton Cattle's Chicken Broth is slowly simmered over-night and then lightly seasoned with sea salt before being frozen. 

Ingredients: Chicken Bones, Water, Sea Salt

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Delicious bone broth

Light, very flavorful, and really cuts down on the cooking time to have a few of these in my freezer. Super tasty. I understand now why this keeps getting sold out. Ordered some for my mom and dad since they’re seniors and cooking is harder for them there’s days. They loved it. I’m getting more for this winter flu season - it’s my secret weapon for healthy nutritious food made the old school way. Label has 3 ingredients - yes, THREE. Water, chicken bones, salt (it doesn’t taste salty at all by the way). I love that in todays overly processed, fake food “modern” world, someone out there is making food the right way. A+ Cotton Cattle, I am very impressed and coming back for more.

Great nutrition

This product is a nutritionally dense low calorie staple in my home. the flavor is rich. Very versatile product that can help you create a wide range of food creations.

Thank you!

Julie Esch
Chicken Broth

I always have a quart of this in my freezer and it never goes to waste!
It is reliably yummy and often just what I need on a chilly or rainy day, especially after I have already sampled every tea in my pantry!
I often plan to cook with this broth, but I seem to tap it out before I even have the chance! I prefer the seasoned over the non-seasoned; but I have had both and they are equally consistent.

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