Our Packaging

At Cotton Cattle we believe in reusing and recycling. We have worked hard to identify packaging that is environmentally friendly & provides sufficient insulation! We recently updated our packaging - using an even more environmentally friendly product!

The packaging used to deliver your meat consists of:

The Insulation: "Green Cell Foam provides the most flexibility and convenience in disposal options of ANY packaging material - going far beyond just recycling." This material is as versatile as it gets - you can recycle, compost, use as plant food and more! Visit their website to learn more.

The Ice Packs: Produced by Nordic Cold Chain Solutions, not only are Nordic Drain Safe ice packs long lasting and reusable, they are 100% safe for disposing down the drain. Visit their website to learn more.

The Corrugated Box: The box is a standard recycling corrugated box and is accepted at most recycling centers.

All of these components can be recycled and/or reused. We are no longer having customers return materials for reuse, however we have updated the materials to provide more options for disposal.